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It was the dream of the founders of Uchee Pines to have a Church on (or near) campus... a spot that is dedicated to the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ! Yes, we have our meetings in the trusty "Chapel" on campus, but it has never been dedicated as a church, and also serves as a multi-purpose meeting hall for seminars and Institute functions such as weekly Assembly meetings with staff and trainees. Calvin Thrash always spoke of his vision of having a church, and over the years, it has been planned and prayed for, but various complications have arisen to prevent the actuality until now. With the help of Maranatha Volunteers International, and loving, caring and generous people like you, this project is moving forward, to share the message of Jesus soon return and be a catalyst for positive influence in our community and the world.

For many years, the Uchee Pines church constituency have been a positive force in our community. We have been active in food and clothing distribution, home services, giving assistance to the needy and handicapped, prison ministries, elderly, sick and nursing home visitations, and prayer ministries. Recently, we held a city-wide Day of Prayer, and a Teacher's Appreciation Day for the local community, and our health outreach includes Health Expos and Health Emphasis programs not only locally, but internationally, as well. Now, we are expanding our reach and visibility by partnering with Maranatha Volunteers International and 3ABN to continue and grow the vision by a new church and community services building.

This building is a simple, but elegant structure, that will hold as many as 215 people for a service, and has a roomy fellowship/community services section, where our community outreach programs will be centered. While it is true that the church is not made up of lumber and stone, but the people; our community programs will be enhanced by having this special area as a central spot that is easily reached and visible in this locality.

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  • 30 Uchee Pines Rd, Seale, AL 36875